African Library Project

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principles_thumbOur Guiding Principles

Partnership, Community Involvement, Volunteerism, Efficiency, Sustainability, Cultural Fit, Learning for All, Environmental Impact ...

summit_marcher_thumbAfrican Partners Summit:  Inspiring!

The third ALP African Partners Summit was held this November 1-3 in Swaziland, and was a huge success!

chris_thumbDear Friends ... 

Our founder, Chris Bradshaw, reflects on 2011 -- 6 years, 701 libraries, over 25,000 American supporters, 139 libraries started this year, and a fabulous Partners Summit in Swaziland.

thumb_africanLibraryProjectSquareLogoNewsletter 2011 (.pdf)

Our 2011 year in review: 139 new libraries (701 total), a third African Partners Summit, two Swazi Compassion in Action Award winners, a new partner in Ghana -- read all about it!  pdf view 2011 newsletter

California Middle School, MOALP Ten 'n Six (11/11)

Top six things you should know about ALP, and top ten bookdrives (so far) of 2011!

Kristen LeeTips from a Serial Bookdriver (10/11)

Kristen Lee is an elementary school Teacher Librarian in California who has done two ALP bookdrives with her young students.  Here are her tips for success.

Joey LehnhardLiteracy Advocacy in Lesotho (9/11)

Peace Corps Volunteer Joey Lehnhard just presented a paper on literacy work in Lesotho at the International Reading Association's Pan-African Conference in Botswana.  Read about her journey and her findings.

swazi_studentsCarolyn's Amazing Swazi Adventure (8/11)

Saw'bona! Hello! I just returned from an amazing adventure to Swaziland... 

terri-thumbPrincipals get Punked for African Literacy (6/11)

How far would you go to promote world-wide learning and literacy?  This spring, two principals made an irresistible wager for ALP and then demonstrated their devotion in front of the entire student body. 

PCV's Unloading Container"Valentines" Container Rolls into Lesotho (5/11)

ALP’s fourth container for Lesotho shipped on Valentine’s Day and arrived April 2, 2011.  Find out how the container was met and what happened next!