African Library Project

A Recipe to Change the World ...

girlsWant to make a difference in the world? When you organize a book drive, you create a new library that brings stories and ideas to African minds eager to learn and grow.

The recipe is simple. Collect, sort, pack, and mail…and sprinkle in a little fundraising. The ALP website is chock full of ideas about how to be successful at every step.

Your book drive can fit your personality and circumstances.  A Scout Troop might collect books in their neighborhood and sell cookies to fundraise, while a company might reach out to their clients for book donations and raise money by putting change jars in offices.  


Schools often kick off their book drive by showing the ALP documentary, so students learn about the book famine in Africa.  Sometimes two organizations join together – one does the book drive and the other raises funds.

Check out the webpages of many of our book drive organizers to get ideas about all the different ways there are to do a book drive.  Then contact to get started.

You’ll be changing lives, book by book.

December, 2011