African Library Project


Swarthmore Students Open the Door to Literacy

How did you organize a book drive? We got support from several campus groups, academic departments, and clubs.  We sent out campus-wide emails and hosted parties to talk about the book drive and collect books. We exceeded our goal of 1000 books and have extra books remaining for our next book drive.

Why lead a book drive? The future of the African continent depends on educating citizens so they have the knowledge and skills to dream, share and develop ideas for a sustainable future. Libraries provide the tools to learn and develop.

What surprised you? One thing that surprised me and other African members of our group was how little we Africans knew about other countries on our own continent! It was a great opportunity for us to learn about these countries and their cultures, and to share our learning with the broader Swarthmore community.  This is a huge benefit of ALP – it promotes both literacy in Africa and understanding of Africa in the USA.

December, 2011