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Keep the Buzz Going!

One of the keys to a successful book drive is spreading the word so friends and neighbors know it is happening and feel excited to donate their books.

Book drive organizers in two very different companies—Bungalow5 and HighPoint Global-- created a variety of tools to tell their colleagues about the book drive and to inspire them to contribute.

Bungalow5 is a furniture and home décor manufacturer that sells to designers and store owners. HighPoint Global is a consulting company that offers training and management solutions to government agencies. While the two companies have different lines of business, they share a commitment to getting their employees involved in helping others. Bungalow5 has been supporting non-profits for over 10 years. HighPoint Global has a Service and Charity committee that organizes service projects each quarter.

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Your Donated Books + Trained Librarians = Literacy + Learning

ALP’s formula for creating libraries that change lives relies on book drive organizers to fill library shelves and librarians trained in running a library.

Richard Msachi, Assistant Librarian at Chaminade Secondary School in Zomba, Malawi, explains the impact of the ALP library at his school: “The books have improved the reading culture among our students. There were some students who rarely visited the library but with the coming of these books, I can see that almost every student wants to be in the library. The books have also helped our students prepare for their year-end exams. Teachers are using these books for their lessons. Thanks to you, Chaminade is not the same any more. It has changed for the better.”

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A Tale of Two Libraries

Although Ghana has one of the highest school enrollment rates in West Africa, with 84.3% of school-aged children attending school, there are still about half a million children who are not in school, and for children who are in school, lack of resources (including books) is an impediment to learning. In 2011, the African Library Project developed a partnership with the Michael Lapsley Foundation (MLF) to found libraries in rural Ghana. Ernest Ankomah, Executive Director of MLF, recently reported on the changes that two libraries have brought to their communities. Their stories show why ALP is seeking Book Drive Organizers to create more Ghanaian libraries.


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ALP’s Mission and Volunteers Energizes New Staff

Thanks to a three-year grant from the Enlight Foundation, ALP now has increased resources to engage youth from ages 5-25 in organizing book drives and spreading the word to other youth. Two new staff members, funded by the grant, are working full-time to develop and implement our new program: Demetra Mack, Program Manager, and Robyn Speed, Business and Community Development Manager.


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Turn Books into Libraries...Your Donations Make it Happen

Volunteer book drive organizers take the first step to create a library in Africa by collecting 1000 gently used children’s books and about $500 to ship the books. ALP relies on your donations to turn those books into libraries. 


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Eight Nation Library Summit Inspires!

In the world of global development, sustainability rules. In November, 40 delegates from seven African nations and the USA gathered in Kanya, Botswana. Their mission: ensure sustainability by sharing the best ideas emerging in ALP’s library network and celebrate our 2,293 libraries.


thumb Photo award Patrick optTop ALP Honors Awarded for Heroic Efforts

400+ VIPs, children, teacher-librarians and our international team applauded the passion and hard work of 2017 award winners at the Summit. Patrick Jafali, of DAPP Malawi and Sharon Allen, a New Mexico book drive organizer, were named winners of the 2017 Compassion in Action Award. Botswana’s Southern District Schools and the Kanye Education Centre received the 2017 Library Excellence Award.




Want a behind-the-scenes peek at ALP’s work across the globe and close to home?


thumb MidlandSchoolGrowing Global Leaders on Both Sides of the Atlantic 

The African Library Project has an audacious vision: a future where all African children have access to books.


deborah and manualGetting Better and Better -- ALP Announces the 3rd Edition of Its Manual

A complement to the training provided by our partners, How to Set Up and Run a Small Library in Africa, guides school librarians in the hard work of setting up a library.

Deborah Lustig, editor of all three editions, describes the new edition as the distillation of the wisdom and experience of many. It includes the best practices from hundreds of ALP libraries, our African partners and individuals who have lent their expertise in rural African libraries. She says, “I think the manual gets better every time!”