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Guest blogger and African Library Project marketing intern Divya Prakash shares her experience as an active book drive organizer.

Most of my early memories center around my local library, wandering in there with my brother, marveling at the colors and variety of the stacks, trekking down to the Bookmobile each week and returning with a heavy stack of books and breathing in their crisp library scent. As I grew older, I realized what a gift this was, and I wanted to help others share the same experience. So as a seventh-grader in the winter of 2013, I formed a neighborhood team and we signed up for our first-ever African Library Project book drive. Now, six years later, we’ve sent over 7,500 books to eight libraries in four African countries...and my team pledges to continue the book drives now that I’ve graduated. So what brought us back, year after year? Here are four reasons we love being book drive organizers. 

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Guest blogger and book drive organizer, Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell shares a powerful story of how her community came together to start multiple libraries for students in Kenya.

We exist to honor our connection to others. Leading Through Living Community does this by helping people’s light shine bright on that path to connection. One of the ways we do this is through book and magazine publishing. So when we searched Instagram for a literacy organization that aligned with our philosophy, the African Library Project popped up immediately.  

I reviewed the ALP website and knew that this was a match made in heaven! As publishers, we love reading and embrace the power of literacy to change the world. ALP is an organization dedicated to spreading global literacy by establishing libraries. When I shared the drive criteria with the LTLC team, everyone was excited and ready to work.



Summertime has arrived and with it a slew of family vacations, summer jobs, and what can sometimes feel like an endless amount of time to spare. Rest assured that ALP has you covered. We've curated a list of five amazing young adult books that take place right underneath the African sun.

The books range in genre but we guarantee all of them will transport you to fantastical worlds and on mysterious adventures all while giving you a unique look at Africa's long history. So grab something comfortable, cozy up in your favorite reading spot, and crack open one of these five magical summer reads. 


This is a story about books, Africa, libraries, and my dad. Just a few weeks ago my dad turned 94 years old. While his health has recently started to fail, he continues to find ways of supporting the African Library Project. As a retired educator, I seem to have fallen into an almost full-time volunteer job (for at least the next few years) collecting books, making libraries, fundraising for libraries, and speaking to schools, churches, and other organizations to encourage and support them in establishing libraries for Africa. But having had a hand in many, many libraries in the past 2 ½ years, I could not be doing this all alone!