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5 Spooky Books to Read for Halloween by African Authors

Africa is home to millions of cultures that all bred legends and folklore like no other. This Halloween is the perfect time to crack open a book and delve into the spooky and delightful horror written by some of the most well-known African authors today. These diverse titles are sure to keep you up at night - and give you a taste of modern African literature that you’ll be unlikely to forget. 

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Thanks to the amazing support of our literacy heroes, volunteers, board of directors and staff, our annual fundraiser Harambee! was a smashing success. Together we raised $109,000 in net profit to help increase literacy in our African partner countries by starting small libraries. We're overjoyed by this achievement and we couldn't have done it without your support. 



African Library Project recently partnered with Firm Foundation Education Trust (FFET). Through them, we are providing libraries to two early childhood centers that serve refugees from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

FFET is a grassroots (CBO) Community Based Organization based in the economically challenged West Nile Region of Uganda. FFET focuses on promoting literacy by helping to establish school libraries and organizing reading activities. They work closely with our schools’ head teachers and the district education office.

Book drive organizer, Christina Herrick writes about how she honored her son’s memory by hosting a book drive with African Library Project. We're honored to share her story.

I imagine my initial reason for wanting to do a book drive for African Library Project was different than most. I had recently lost my 18-year-old son, who was an avid reader and had amassed a vast collection of books. When faced with the task of what to do with them all, a friend told me about African Library Project. It was the perfect fit! My son’s books were more precious to him than anything else, and I wanted to make sure that they went somewhere that they would be appreciated. He would have absolutely loved the idea of them being sent to Africa, to start libraries there and help instill a love of reading in other kids.