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African Library Project

The African Library Project coordinates book drives in the United States and partners with African schools and villages to start small libraries.

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The African Library Project coordinates book drives in the United States and partners with African schools and villages to start small libraries.

books for africaAs a lawyer and library technical aide at Dublin Coffman High School in Dublin, Ohio, I have a special place in my heart for books and libraries. I often read six books at a time.  I know that a love of books--of holding a book, turning its pages, looking at its pictures, experiencing new ideas and losing oneself in its wonderful stories--goes hand in hand with a love of learning. 

At the same time, libraries provide a place for gathering and building a sense of community.  A library provides information and educational opportunities for all people regardless of their economic status. Students and teachers can find each other there, make friends, and discuss ideas.

books for africaIn May, a team from the US and Kenya celebrated a landmark event in ALP history—the distribution of  ALP's first container of books for 32 libraries.

It was an important milestone for ALP, but our work in Kenya is not done.  We are planning to send a second shipment to Kenya in early 2018 and are currently recruiting book drive organizers who can complete a book drive by December 5.

Click here and help us send a full container to Kenya!

We recently received a report from Project Humanity, our partner that had distributed books for 15 of the libraries located on Rusinga Island. Through visits and conversations with the teacher librarians, they learned how the libraries are being used.  One common theme—children love reading the books, and they are requesting MORE BOOKS!

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books for africaIn 2009 my husband and I created Caleb’s Project to honor the short, but precious life of our son, Caleb Paul Zellner, who died before birth.  His due date was December 26.  Because I wanted to have a happy Christmas for my other children, I decided I should focus on something positive.  And so we began to do a service project each year in his memory. 

In 2017 Caleb’s Project is a book drive to create a library for Kamgere Primary School in Kenya.

The book drive began September 1.  So far, the support of our family and friends has been amazing, but we are not done yet.

books for africa

When the African Library Project Board voted earlier this year to hold a golf tournament, Sharna Fey, a Board member since 2011, enthusiastically agreed to become the Project Manager for Links for Literacy.  Originally scheduled for late September, the tournament has been moved to spring 2018.

"A golf tournament brings together two things I love--golf and the African Library Project,” says Sharna. “This project integrates my life.”

Sharna has traveled to Swaziland, Ghana, and Malawi, and she knows that “What we do works. Literacy can lead to social change.  What we do matter.”