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Morgan Makes Waves in Malawi!
Collecting 1000 Books for a Better Future for the Marka Catholic Primary School

5/1/2016 to 6/1/2016
Capitola CA

We are working with the African Library Project to provide books to eager readers in Africa who have very few books. Please help us by collecting and delivering gently used books or by raising money to help pay for shipping to Africa. It takes only 1000 books and $500 (plus a little elbow grease!) to start a single library and make a huge difference in children’s lives.

This book drive is organized by ...

Morgan, and his brother Bo Breed, live in the coastal California town of Capitola, where they attend first grade in Mrs. Race's classroom at Main Street Elementary School and seventh grade at Good Shepherd Catholic School in Santa Cruz, California. After traveling to South Africa this year for the Christmas holidays, and witnessing the difficulties associated with some of their African friends' lack of access to electricity, transportation, and the long and arduous road some of them had to trek just to get to school, Morgan and Bo decided that instead of buying Christmas gifts and toys for their friends and family at home, they would donate a small sum in each friend's name to a personal friend or family member in Africa that they wanted to help to make life a little easier. When they asked their African friends what they wanted for Christmas, the requests were simple and not quite what they expected. Their household helper asked for chicken feed and seeds for planting, and books and shoes for her children. The chicken feed and seeds were easily found and purchased at the local feed store in the nearest town. The books were not so easy to find. In fact, there were hardly any to be found! And when they were, they were too expensive to buy. Bo and Morgan decided that they would wait to buy and send books to their friends in Africa when they got back home. To their surprise, Amazon wouldn't ship to South Africa, because the packages and books might get stolen before they ever made it to the customer. When they purchased just 5 small paperbacks here in the states to send directly to their friends in South Africa, the cost to ship them alone was over $95.00!

Enter the African Library Project. Bo and Morgan have found the perfect solution to make their wish to send books and the gift of reading to kids in Africa come true! Founded by Chris Bradshaw and her family in 2005, after a visit to Lesotho, Africa, and encountering a similar lack of books and literacy, Chris decided to work with local teachers and community leaders to set up and establish libraries in African communities that needed them most. Today having established 1,716 libraries in Africa's neediest communities, with 1.8 million books donated, sorted, and shipped via container to Africa, where the African Library Project trains local community members to empower and educate with the gift of literacy, while also providing a crucial setting for community education and support, the African Library Project is literally changing and saving lives, one book at a time!

With the help of the African Library Project, Morgan and Bo will be collecting and shipping 1000 books to the Marka Catholic Primary School in Malawi by June 1st.

We are collecting books for Pre-K through fourth grade, and will also be raising $500.00 for costs to ship the books to the container ship in New Orleans and on to Africa. If you are finishing up the school year, and cleaning out bookshelves, libraries, and lockers, please send any unwanted, or extra, gently-used books for this audience our way! You can also purchase or send send specific books from the African Library Project wish list on Amazon or Africa Access's booklist of award winning children's titles, either by African authors or about Africa(see:

We need your help in donating, shipping and sorting books! We will meeting people to pick up books at Main Street School in Soquel, CA and Good Shepherd School in Soquel, CA over the next 10 days. You can also drop books in the container in front of 602 El Salto, Capitola, CA 95010. Please email to pick up books at specific locations or to help with donations, sorting, or packing!

Please help us in to making our African Christmas wish come true!!

Our website link:

We want to start a library in Africa because...

"There is no frigate like a book." Emily Dickinson

Books and literacy, like computers and technology, create a window to a world one might never encounter, an opportunity never realized beyond the bounds of one's home, an idea to help another, a bridge to an understanding that might solve a world crisis or shortage, or simply an avenue to enchantment.

Books share our experiences in an intimate way. They are a tool as practical as a hammer, a wedge, or a saw. Without books, knowledge, and access to literacy and education, an African community lives in isolation, without many windows to the outside world, without ideas and opportunities to enlighten and create a better experience for all.

When we have visited Africa, we have encountered many wonderful people that are caught in a riptide of poverty, weakened by AIDS, with not a lot of hope to keep them afloat. Books are a life raft of literacy, and a wave of opportunity to guide them to another shore.

About our African Partners...

Our partner is the Marka Catholic Primary School. The Marka Primary Catholic School is located in Malawi, a small landlocked country in East Central Africa. About half of Malawi's population lives on less than $1.25 a day. 11% of the population has HIV/AIDS. The library will service about 1800 members of the community. Learners and community members are particularly interested in books about science, geography, history and the English language. The primary audience is K-4.

Please contribute these kinds of books...

For a primary school library: Books at U.S. pre-school to 4th grade reading level.

Here's how you can contribute your books...

Books can be dropped off any time in the plastic canister provided in front of
602 El Salto, Capitola, CA 95010.
Books are also being collected at Main Street Elementary in Capitola, New Brighton Middle School in Capitola, Good Shepherd School in Santa Cruz, and at the Capitola Self Storage at 809 Bay Avenue in Capitola, next to Nob Hill Foods. (they have also donated our boxes for shipping!) Books need to be collected by June 5th at the latest!
Please feel free to call Amie at 831-515-9116 or email if you would like me to do a front door or curbside pick-up!

We need to raise funds for shipping the books...

We are sending these books as part of our Christmas present. If you would like to help out, but can't donate books, you can help pay for the shipping by sending a check to Amie Breed, PO Box 528, Capitola,CA 95010.
Please contact us at 831-515-9116 or email, if we can help answer any questions, make it easier for you to participate and donate, or if you would like to help in any way!

Here are some ways that you can help...

Please donate books!

We need help on the weekend of May 28th and 29th to sort, pack, and label boxes to ship to New Orleans and on to Africa!

Any donations toward shipping or purchasing of specific books for the library will be gratefully accepted. Please make checks to Amie Breed, PO Box 528, Capitola, CA 95010.

If you have extra sturdy boxes to donate for shipping and sorting we'd welcome those as well! Please call for specifics! Capitola Self Storage next to the Nob Hill Market at 809 Bay Avenue has offered to be a drop off point and has donated boxes to help our cause! Thank you Capitola Self Storage!

Contact us to find out more

Name: Amie Breed
Phone: 650-339-6229

Name: Bo Breed
Phone: 831-295-7083

Name: Morgan Breed
Phone: 831-515-9116

Progress Report

Our Goal 1000 books $500.00 fundraising
Results so far
(updated: 5/17/2016)
412 books $250.00 fundraising

Look for our collection baskets and drop off spots at Main St School in Capitola. Bring a book...or a few, to share with our friends in Malawi to the Open House on Thursday!

New Brighton Middle School will be collecting books for us! Ask Cory at the office for our official drop off spots!

Good Shepherd School will be collecting books for us as well and learning about the African Library Project in their classroom! Bring a few books to donate on your way to the talent show on Thursday!

Teacher Jen in San Jose has offered to contribute the books from cleaning out their classrooms. Thank you, Jen!! We're happy to come pick up used textbooks, early readers, English Dictionaries, juvenile fiction and non-fiction for grades K-8. Call or email us to schedule your pick up!
Amie Breed,, 831-515-9116


Thank you, Capitola Self Storage(809 Bay Ave in Capitola, CA) for offering a spot to drop books, and donating boxes!

Thank you, Ms. Bitter, for encouraging and supporting the love of reading and books at Main Street School in Capitola! Look for collection boxes at the front of the school at the Open House and in the Life Lab area on Thursday.

Thank you, Good Shepherd Middle School in Santa Cruz for being so encouraging and shepherding the project into the classroom!

Thank you Cory and Christina for offering to spread the word and collect books at New Brighton Middle School!

Let's collect, box, sort and ship 1,000 books to Malawi by June 7!
Marka Catholic Primary School, your library is on it's way!

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