African Library Project

Resources for Book Drive Organizers

Please use the following resources to help you with your book drive.

College Book Drive Organizers - We have some tips for you.

» College BDO Resource: .pdf


Girl Scout Book Drive Organizers - Here's a flyer to share with your troop. Girl Scout Patches now available in the Northern California store. Click to order. 

Boy Scout Book Drive Organizers - Here's a flyer to share with your troop.


Flyers - We have a couple of flyers you might like to use.  Here they are in .pdf (printable) and .ppt (PowerPoint -- editable, customizable) versions:

» Flyer One:  .pdf and .ppt

» Flyer Two:  .pdf and .ppt


Customizable Press Release: This press release outline can be used to let your community know what you are doing, and to get their help!

» Download the press release template here


Visit our photo gallery to download different versions of the African Library Project images for use in your displays. In addition to photos of our project there are higher resolution versions of our logo in different forms and backgrounds.  We also have several country-specific photo albums.

» Go to Photo Resources


Fact sheets. Learn more about African Literacy, and basic facts on Africa, as well as individual fact sheets on the country of your library project. Suitable for printing (pdf format).


Maps. If you want to show where your books are headed on posters or in emails, maps like these can help:

Example Map

Presentations. From the links below, you can view slideshows about each of the countries where we work. From the links, you can also download the presentation (icon with a down arrow) to see additional notes and customize it as you like.


Links to other sites

africaacess Refer to Africa Access's booklist of award-winning children's titles, either by African authors or about Africa. These are great books to send to Africa or to learn more about Africa by reading them yourself.
 books In some cases, you or others in your community may want to purchase books. You may want to consult the Amazon wish lists we have put together for recommended primary books and/or recommended secondary books for your African library.  Use the same list and try AbeBooks for a better deal. If your library has requested technical or vocational books, here is a list of suggestions
Chalk Board The New York Times Learning Network has a collection of lesson plans about Africa for high school students:  Unexpected Africa: Investigating New Ways to Think About the Continent
 code-logo CODE Canada has an excellent collection of lesson plans for grades 3-8 on global literacy and childhood around the world.
ghana map small Multicultural Kids Blogs has activities and games for elementary school age children to learn about Ghana.