African Library Project


For small groups

  • Recycle in a big way! Hold a garage sale and invite friends and neighbors to donate their items and books, then hold a garage sale or parking lot sale.  Make sure all your customers know how the proceeds will be used.  Trunk sales are especially easy to organize.  Ask people to sell items right out of the trunk of their car in a parking lot sale and donate the money to your book drive.Raise Funds
  • Ask for a cash donation at your book collection box. Place an envelope or slotted container near the collection box with a sign asking for donations.
  • Get sponsors within your group to pledge money to an individual to swim, skate, walk, bike or read (the best!).
  • Hold a plant sale, car wash or bake sale. You can even take orders in advance and make baked goods from your customer’s favorite recipe.  Set up a lemonade and cookie stand at an event that will attract many people.
  • Ask families to donate prizes and hold a raffle. Prizes might include tickets to sporting events, passes to dance/exercise classes and special outings among many others.
  • Put on a theatrical/singing/talent show and use ticket sales to fund the library costs. Partner with an already established drama/singing group. You don’t have to do it all yourself.
  • Hold a tip night at a friendly, local restaurant.  Kids can serve customers drinks and meals and bus tables.  Put a jar at the cash register to collect tips for the evening.