African Library Project

Dear Friends


We’re celebrating three big milestones this year: Starting or improving nearly 2,000 libraries, hiring terrific CEO Isabelle Mussard to upgrade our operations and increase the impact of our grassroots volunteers, and beginning work in Kenya! How did we come so far?

It began in 2004 when my family pony trekked in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho. I learned there was just one library in the entire country! A local village headman told me a story I hear nearly every day from every corner of Africa. “Our village/school would desperately love a library, but we cannot get books.”

Fortunately, American and Canadian volunteers are on the job! High school student Maurice Landers of Prosper, TX typifies our book drive organizers who are making African dreams a reality. Maurice writes, “I believe that education can be a great equalizer. The opportunity to assist in providing an education to a community that would cherish it is a blessing.”

Books change lives. A Swazi principal writes, “An HIV-positive girl read a poem during morning assembly about the hardships she faces, including the difficulties of living with her diabetic grandmother. She’s inspired by the stories from the books you sent. Her words touched us, ‘Knowledge is power. Read. I’m going to keep reading to have a bright future and help my grandmother.’”

It takes elbow grease and money to do this work. Please give generously to help us change more lives.

With deepest gratitude,


December 2016