African Library Project

Tina Taylor-Small

Tina Taylor recently completed her first African Library Project book drive. She was fulfilling a New Year's resolution to be more socially engaged and involved in philanthropic projects. Tina found book collecting a breeze. She used social media to spread the word through her community, posting the need for books on community and local yard sale pages on Facebook.


Tina also spread the word at work and at her church. She recommends asking for your book drive and your fundraising goals to be featured in your company newsletter or bulletin board. Collecting the books was easy. Tina was even able to buy some books at a sale benefiting another charity, getting a great deal on children's books and supporting two causes at once.


Tina recommends fundraising early, so you have plenty of time to raise the funds needed to ship your books. Tina also recommends packing and counting as you go, so you can keep track of books collected.


Despite a busy work and travel schedule, Tina is already planning her next book drive. She really appreciates how her drive allowed many different people in her communities to contribute meaningfully and connect to others in the world. One family even found connections close to home. In clearing their bookshelves for Tina's book drive, they reminisced about family stories and good times spent reading together.


May, 2015