African Library Project

Ghana School Small

African Library Project board member Penny Chu recently did a book drive for a school in Ghana, the country of her childhood. She thought it might be fun to include new board member Kwasi Adu in packing and sorting the books. She mentioned to Kwasi that the book drive was serving the community of Takoradi, Ghana.

"Wow, that's where I am from," Kwasi remarked in amazement.

"Let me see which school we're sending the books to," Penny replied. "It's Anaji Estates Key Primary School -- do you know it?"

"I went to that school as a child!" Kwasi exclaimed. Kwasi hasn't been at the school since he was 4 years old, and 25 years later, the school is getting its first library with books curated and lovingly packed by one of her own.

Doing an African Library Project book drive makes the world a smaller place.


May, 2015