African Library Project

Give the Gift of Literacy

Why Donate to ALP?

Lesotho Child ReadingThere are so many great causes. Why does ALP deserve your contribution?

  • We support literacy and fight poverty by giving eager readers the tools for learning.
  • We empower local people to run African libraries for Africans.
  • We are green – we keep hundreds of thousands of used books out of U.S. landfills and give them to people who need them most.
  • We make the world smaller by providing U.S. book donors with a chance to personally make a difference for an African community.

Look What You Can Do!

  • $500 -- Ship an entire library to Africa
  • $250 -- Provide an international shipping scholarship for a book drive organizer
  • $100  -- Purchase a set of 24 children’s HIV/AIDS books
  •   $25  -- Purchase training materials for a new librarian

Please give a gift for yourself or in honor of a friend!  Our donation page makes it simple.