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Knowing that sometimes, the books I send will be the first a child will ever hold, or will ever experience, creates a bond between me and them across an ocean and from a distance of thousands of miles.  It makes me feel rich, and sets context for all that I’ve experienced in life so far.  I know what books have done for me: they’re my inspiration, my muse, and my friend.  Giving this to someone else who otherwise might not be able to experience it at all creates a deep and positive compassion. 

Blog by Katheen Long, Brand New 2014 ALP Board Member and Editorial Lead


Guest blog by Zoe Schroder, Peace Corps Volunteer, Lesotho


The library at Mopeli Primary School is one of the happiest places I have adopted in my Peace Corps service. Built in a small storage room, it holds hundreds of children’s books donated through the African Library Project. It was formally set up by the volunteer before me with a system of selecting “librarians” from the 7th grade who help run it. Here I share my experiences at the library with the children who enjoy it so.

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Blog by Chris Bradshaw, Founder and President of African Library Project.

a1sx2_alp_thumb_1_Freetown.jpgI just returned from Sierra Leone, my first time back in 40 years since I was a student at Fourah Bay College in Freetown during my Junior Year Abroad.  While some aspects of life in Sierra Leone have improved, I was shocked to see how much of it seems worse.  Daily power outages lasting up to three months, only 20% of those living in the capital city have running water and no potable water from taps. 

Guest blog by Yosef Lifchitz, President and Founder of Books4Cause. Books4Cause has started 35 libraries with ALP. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_nourishing1.jpgBooks4cause is an online bookstore with a social mission to provide economic opportunities through education.  

Of paramount importance for myself as the President of Books4Cause is not only to know that we are doing good in the world but to see it first hand.