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Michelle Ramus, a Peace Corps Volunteer in South Africa (SA), has been waging an active campaign on Twitter to gather books in the US to populate a soon-to-be-launched library in SA, in the village where she is serving. It will be one of ALP's first library projects in that country. We discovered her on Twitter and asked her to share her story in a guest blog for ALP. Read more about the preparations taking place in South Africa and how she involved her hometown in Indiana to donate books for children in her village.




Missionary Expediters (MX) is a vital link in our supply chain. MX specializes in helping humanitarian aid organizations and missionaries get their shipments to difficult to reach areas of the world. Read a behind-the scenes account of what happens to the ALP books while in the care of MX!


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1415.JPGMzwakithi Shongwe was a bright child of about 10 years old, selected to participate in a national debate, hosted by Fundza, the partner of the African Library Project in Swaziland, whose mission is to create communities of young readers.  The prize for winning? A library of books for the whole school. Mzwakithi devoured many of the books in that library, and came to understand a world from other people’s point of view. Now, Mzwakithi is studying at Middlebury College in Vermont. His own energy is infectious, and he dreams of the day when he’ll translate all he’s learning into making a real difference for the Swaziland economy. Read Mzwakithi's inspring story, written in his own words. He is our latest guest blogger.



Knowing that sometimes, the books I send will be the first a child will ever hold, or will ever experience, creates a bond between me and them across an ocean and from a distance of thousands of miles.  It makes me feel rich, and sets context for all that I’ve experienced in life so far.  I know what books have done for me: they’re my inspiration, my muse, and my friend.  Giving this to someone else who otherwise might not be able to experience it at all creates a deep and positive compassion. 

Blog by Katheen Long, Brand New 2014 ALP Board Member and Editorial Lead