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b2ap3_thumbnail_olivia1.jpgFor several years now we have been collecting books for the African Library Project (ALP). This year, the ALP board invited our family to attend their 2013 Summit in Malawi as book drive organizers, together with Mike and Coy who are also very involved with ALP. We were very honored by the invitation, an offer we simply could not refuse, and luckily our teachers agreed. At the Summit we were fortunate to participate in all activities.

Guest blog by Betty Londergan, a friend of ALP, who authors two blogs of her own: and

b2ap3_thumbnail_flow1.jpgIn the world of blogging, it’s not uncommon to develop meaningful friendships with people whose face you’ve never seen and voice you’ve never heard.

I met Chris Bradshaw, founder of African Library Project, when I wrote a post about ALP for my blog, What Gives 365, and donated $100 to her amazing endeavor.

b2ap3_thumbnail_ketolo1.jpgRemember the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy", a story set in Botswana about a man from the San (Bushman) tribe who spoke a click language and found a Coke bottle in his native land? Now, fast forward to today – and a boy from this semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer tribe who, powered by his own ingenuity and aided by books from the African Library Project (ALP), went on to be an academic superstar.