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I plan to keep on doing this

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From 2008 to 2010, Victor Cuevas served in the Peace Corps in Lesotho. While he was there, he set his hut up with several dozen books.  He invited children to come to the hut and told them, “This is a book.”  Then he taught them about borrowing.  Some stayed to read.  The joy in their faces fueled his fire to start a bigger library.

Aware of the need for books and libraries, he worked with ALP to create a library in Lesotho while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer.  When the first shipment of books was delivered for a library, he could see how excited the children were as they clutched the books.

Back in San Diego. he decided to create more libraries. Through networking, he built a team to collect books and spread the word about donating books.  He has started 5 libraries since he came home.

An Advocacy Supervisor for Voices for Children, which finds advocates for Foster Children, Vic founded Vic’s Kids.  His non-profit ­­­­­works with the community to fundraise and provide services and programs for those with the most need. That includes children in Africa who need books and children in Mexico who need basic nutrition to be healthy. Vic’s Kids also helps families in Mexico rise above poverty and helps train the community staff and volunteers to deliver crucial services and programs to families there.

For the first book drives, he went to the public library sales and bought books for 10 cents each.  He also went to yard sales and swap meets. But once he shared the story about why he wanted the books, he didn’t have to buy any books, they were donated.

Now that the word has spread, he doesn’t have to collect, books come to him.

For his current book drive that he began in September 2017 for a school in Lesotho, he raised money by riding in a six-hour, 50-60-mile Bike-a-thon. He said it was one of the most grueling bike rides he has ever done, but that it was worth the time spent. His friends and family pledged a certain amount per mile or a flat fee.  If needed, he was ready to add to the funds raised from his own pocket.

Vic believes that everyone on this Earth deserves to live a safe life with integrity, passion, and opportunity. His vision extends to families who need the basics of life. Working with ALP, his mission is to one day create 10 libraries a year.  He thinks that is attainable because he works with a team who love to give and make life better for others. He is lucky to have connected with many generous donors and he hopes to increase this network.

He pledges that, "I will keep on doing it as long as I am alive.”