African Library Project

Divya Chandorkar's ALP Book Drive

11/11/2013 to 03/15/2014
Berkeley Heights NJ

We are working with the African Library Project to provide books to eager readers in Africa who have very few books. Please help us by collecting and delivering gently used books or by raising money to help pay for shipping to Africa. It takes only 1000 books and $500 (plus a little elbow grease!) to start a single library and make a huge difference in children’s lives.

This book drive is organized by ...

I am a sophomore in high school who wants to help children at an international level.

We want to start a library in Africa because...

I am enthusiastic about raising awareness for underprivileged children in Africa who don't have books to support their education. I believe I can change the lives of these children and provide them with some resources to help with a basic education.

About our African Partners...

Our Lady of Sorrows Primary School, Hluti, Swaziland.
297 students at his school which is in a rural community where there are no amusements places, parks and cinemas. The people in the community make a living through agriculture. The school is beautiful and well maintained, but there is no public library nearby so students can only get books from the school library.

Please contribute these kinds of books...

For a primary school library- Books at U.S. pre-school to 4th grade reading level, which includes but is not limited to:
-story books
-"how to" books
-picture books
-number books
-teacher resources
-brain teasers, puzzle books, educational game books

Here's how you can contribute your books...

Please contact if you can donate books in good or gently-used condition. Thank you!

We need to raise funds for shipping the books...

If you would like to donate money or send a check, contact for more details. My ideas for fundraising are to ask for donations by raising awareness and to sell books that have been donated which do not fit the criteria of pre-school to 4th grade reading level.

Here are some ways that you can help...

Please spread the word! Tell your friends and family to donate books and funds! I intend on raising money myself but donations would be GREATLY appreciated. Also, if anyone is willing to hand out flyers to their friends and family, contact me.Thank you!

Contact us to find out more

Name: Divya Chandorkar

Progress Report

Our Goal 1000 books $500 fundraising
Results so far
(updated: 2/25/14)
1000 books $20 fundraising


A special thanks to the Morristown Public Library for their generous donation of 127 books!
Thanks to the Berkeley Heights Public Library for a donation of 104 books in excellent condition and ongoing support to this cause.
Thank you to Abby Hawkins and the Hawkins family for their donation of 18 beautiful children's books!
Special thanks to Clarinda Mahadev for her constant encouragement, motivation, and donation of $20!
Thank you to Monica Kim for her donation of 67 books all of which perfectly fit the age range for this book drive.
Thank you to Hughes Elementary School and Columbia Middle School who are currently organizing book drives for the duration of February!
Special thanks to all anonymous donors who have greatly helped this cause.

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