African Library Project

Firefly Friends African Library Project

01/15/13 to 03/01/13
Asbury NJ

We are working with the African Library Project to provide books to eager readers in Africa who have very few books. Please help us by collecting and delivering gently used books or by raising money to help pay for shipping to Africa. It takes only 1000 books and $500 (plus a little elbow grease!) to start a single library and make a huge difference in children’s lives.

This book drive is organized by ...

The Firefly Friends is a private homeschool co-op that is focused on individual creativity and growth. The children range in ages between 10 and 3 and are lighting up their worlds with inspiration and love of life. We meet weekly in Asbury NJ and are committed to doing our part to promote learning and love in our small town and also the world.

We want to start a library in Africa because...

We want to start a library in Africa in order to share our love of books and reading with those who are not as fortunate as ourselves. The books that we have read have opened our minds and our hearts to the wide wide world that surrounds us. Have helped shape our dreams and goals for the future and inspire us to grow and continue learning who we are and who we want to be. This beautiful experience that reading and books have given and continue to give to us is something we feel every child deserves. That is why we are pleased and honored to take part in sharing the gift of a library with children who need it.

About our African Partners...

Our African Library partner is in Swaziland.

Please contribute these kinds of books...

We are building a Pre-K-4th grade library so we are asking for books at this reading level. Books in good condition, preferably soft cover (for shipping reasons) however board books are welcomed. Please nothing of a religious nature or with a focus on U.S. history. We would also accept educational games or puzzles.

Here's how you can contribute your books...

Please contact any of the provided names for donating books. As specific events get planned we will update this page. The book drive begins January 15,2012 and ends March 1, 2013.

We need to raise funds for shipping the books...

In order to send the books from New Jersey to Africa we need to raise $500. The children will be having a sponsored reading fundraiser in which people would donate $1 for every book read by the child they are sponsoring. We have a few other ideas we are considering and as we finalize them we will update this page. If you would like to contribute please contact Jami Weber for the specifics at

Here are some ways that you can help...

We would love your help! You could donate books or money, help organize a fundraising event, put up posters or fliers, come to a book packing party (packing 1000 books for international shipping is quite a big job) or any other thing you can think of that would help. Please know we are committed to our goal and very grateful for any help to get there!

Contact us to find out more

Name: Jami Weber
Phone: 908-892-3592

Name: MaryRose Collins-Orlans
Phone: 908-235-1286

Progress Report

Our Goal 1000 books $500 fundraising
Results so far
(updated: 1/28/2013)
538 books $ fundraising

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