African Library Project

One Community Helping Another: A Library for Limbe, Malawi

05/01/2011 to 06/01/2011
North Augusta SC

We are working with the African Library Project to provide books to eager readers in Africa who have very few books. Please help us by collecting and delivering gently used books or by raising money to help pay for shipping to Africa. It takes only 1000 books and $500 (plus a little elbow grease!) to start a single library and make a huge difference in children’s lives.

This book drive is organized by ...

Hello, my name is Joey Baldwin and I am a Boy Scout with Troop 7 in North Augusta, South Carolina. For my Eagle Project I am working with the African Library Project to start a library at the Limbe Primary School in Limbe, Malawi

We want to start a library in Africa because...

Reading is an important part of life and of learning. I have always enjoyed books and cannot imagine what it would be like to not have a library or bookstore close by. This is why I am excited about this opportunity to start a library in Limbe, Malawi. Through recycling books we no longer want or need with a community half way around the world,we can making a lasting difference in the lives of children and families of Africa. Books are a connection for increasing our understanding, acceptance, and support for others, making the world a bit smaller.

About our African Partners...

The Republic of Malawi is located in southeast Africa. It is one of Africa’s poorest and most densely populated nations with over 84% of the people living in rural areas. At least half of the 14 million people live on less than a dollar a day and AIDs has left 500,000 children orphaned.

In 1994 primary education in Malawi became free to all boys and girls. However the school system is severely overcrowded and underfunded. With few books available, teachers must teach from memory. Through the African Library Project many libraries are being started in schools and communities throughout rural Malawi.

Please contribute these kinds of books...

• Baby Board Books
• Children’s Picture Books
• Children’s Fiction and Non-fiction
• Early Readers
• Teachers’ Resource Materials
• Children’s Dictionaries
• Elementary Textbooks
• Books with Universal Themes (friendships, animals, love)
• Accurate up-to-date Atlases
• Books about Africa
• Educational Children\'s Science and Literary Magazines
• Brain Teasers, flash Cards, Educational Games and Puzzles
• Arts and Craft Books

Here's how you can contribute your books...

Drop your books off between 9:00 and 11:00 AM on Saturday, May 28th at the Troop 7 Boy Scout Hut next to Grace United Methodist Church on Georgia Avenue in North Augusta.


Drop them off any Monday night in May at the Scout Hut during our regularly scheduled Scout meeting from 7:00- 8:30 PM


E-mail me at and I will make arrangements to pick up your books.

We need to raise funds for shipping the books...

The books will travel over 6,000 miles to reach Limbe, Malawi. The deadline for shipment of books is June 6th and will cost $500. If you would like to make a donation toward the shipping cost please make checks payable to Joey Baldwin and write in the memo: ALP. Checks should be mailed to 1802 Byrnes Road, North Augusta, SC 29841.

Here are some ways that you can help...

• Recycle books you no longer want or need
• Make a donation towards the cost of shipping the books
• Spread the word about the book drive for the Limbe Primary
. School library

Contact us to find out more

Name: Joey Baldwin
Phone: (803)279-5604

Progress Report

Our Goal 1000 books $500.00 fundraising
Results so far
(updated: 09-05-2011)
2135 books $987.00 fundraising

The project is completely finished! We colected enough books and money to double our goals.

The article published in the Star and North Augusta Today

Recycle Your Books to Help Start a Library in Africa
In Africa many children attend schools with no books. The teachers must teach from memory. The rural communities where these children live have no libraries. We in the United States can help give these children the gift of reading by recycling our books through an organization called the African Library Project (ALP).
For my Eagle Project I am partnering with the ALP to do a book drive during the month of May. I am collecting 1,000 “gently” used children’s books and teacher resources to start a library at a primary school in Limbe, Malawi. The Republic of Malawi is very poor with over half the population of 14 million living on less than a dollar a day. The country also has over 500,000 orphans as a result of AIDs. English is one of Malawi’s two primary languages.
If you have books you would like to donate, there will be a community book drop-off day on Saturday, May 28th at the Troop 7 Boy Scout Hut next to Grace United Methodist Church from 9:00-11:00 AM. If you have books, but need them picked up, I will be happy to do so. It will cost $500 to ship the books. Donations to help defray the shipping cost would also be greatly appreciated.


Thank you to all those who have donated especially.
St. Paul\'s Outreach Committee and friends and Neighbors.

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